How Do You Find Local Clients For Your Video Creations Services

How To Research For Local Clients For Your Video Marketing Services

There are probably as many ways of finding clients for your Video creation Services, as there are days of the week. it is simply a matter of carrying out some research on google to find prospects. However the secret is to find a reliable and proven method for carrying out your research which you can deploy on a regular basis so that you can simply “Rinse and Repeat” the process as and when you feel the need to get a new client.  There are of course all of the general options such as searching google for local clients in a specific field  such as restraunts in your local area who do not have a video on their website and then you can concentrate on those as your “target” prospects and offer them your services.

You will soon discover that it is not worth spending any time targeting people who already have a video on their website if all you have to offer is video creation services, as that will be a waste of time as they already probably have a video creation expert to hand  already who they trust and they will be reluctant to change to your no matter how good your video skills are. The trick here is to look for either other services which you offer such as Social Media Marketing or reputation Management which they may be more open to listen to your offer for. So dont cross people of your list just yet, add them to a list for future reference for other services which they dont already have and you can provide.

Is “Yell” A Source of Good Prospects for your Vide creationBusiness?

You bet it is!  During your initial search you will no doubt have noticed that there will be listings in “Yell” and “CheckTrade” and other directories These are the best companies to target because in most cases people listed on these directories do not have a proper web-presence, they assume that because they are listed on “yell” that they have a website, but in reality all that they have is single page on “yell directories” that is just another directory which people need to search again once they land on the initial “yell” search result for the servcies they offer which will also be yet another list all the competitors again. Once you point  out to your prospects that people have to carry out at least 3 seperate searches to found then it quite often results in them asking you other questions which of course is your “Open Door” to sell your services to them.

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