ver since I was a little girl, I loved giving massages to my mother who had asthma. I loved sensing her whole back ease down through my touch. I loved the feeling of positive reinforcement I was fostering in her body, mind and spirit. That feeling never left me after many years passed…  After a high tech marketing and sales job and sending my two boys to high school, I finally found the time to focus on what I love and express passion for massage therapy.

My passion is helping people listen to their body a little better through my therapeutic experiences and help them achieve total health in body, mind, and spirit. I see the body as a reservoir for emotional and physical memories and stress; therefore, my mission is to help relieve them using massage therapy. I use both western and eastern modalities to customize to your unique needs.

Every session start with a short interview to ensure we both understand your body’s current needs.  Every massage threapy you receive would be different and unique. I listen to what you and your body are telling me. By the end of your session, you have better understanding of your own body.  Following self-care suggetion would further help you to keep the new 


I am a certified massage therapist (CMT) with over 1000 hours of training through the McKinnon body therapy school in Oakland, CA and various continuous education classes.